Please support your local independent bookstore and order books from a place such as Warwick’s.

Purchase online







Books are available in classroom sets from BookSource — for example Wilma Unlimited

Ebooks are available for most titles wherever ebooks are sold. Ebooks for out-of-print titles are available at Fable Learning

Audiobooks of selected titles are available from Blackstone Audiobooks or Recorded Books

Certain titles are available in classroom sets from BookSource

For oldies but goodies, please check your library, order from your favorite out-of-print source, or contact the author at

If ordering books for a school visit:

Books need to be ordered 6 – 8 weeks ahead of my appearance at your school to make sure that they are there on the day of the visit.

The simplest way to order my books is through a local book store. (Support your local independent book store!) Often the store will send a representative to help with book sales. Students pay full cover price.

Often a chain such as Barnes & Noble will do this too – contact the Community Relations Manager.

You may also order through a wholesaler that carries books from all publishers. There is often a 10 – 20% book discount.

You can also order directly from each publisher, which is labor-intensive, but books are sold at a 40-50% discount for author appearances. The savings can be passed on to the students, or students pay full price and the profits used to fund a portion of the author visit.

Books from:

Harcourt Mifflin Harcourt

Customer Service:  or (855) 969-4642

HarperCollins or (800) 242-7737

Bloomsbury: or (888) 330-8477

Penguin Random House: