Yes! What I do: A quirky PowerPoint show about my beginnings as a writer (samples of work from kindergarten through 8th grade, with selections from my 6th-grade diary) and what daily life is like for a writer (reality vs. some common fantasies). I talk about the writing and revision process, give tips for writing biographies and forging a career as a writer or artist, and discuss the background for my books. The presentation lasts 45 minutes, more or less, with time for Q & A, and can be tailored for various reasons. The goal is to increase excitement about books (especially nonfiction), reading, and writing.

I often travel with my husband, Paul Brewer.  You can read about him at  He is the author or illustrator of many books (including 3 of mine), most notably his bestselling collections of jokes.  We have co-written FARTISTE, LINCOLN TELLS A JOKE, and THE BEATLES WERE FAB.  You can let me know if you might be interested in him doing sessions as well.

As part of a successful school visit, I assume my books will be available for sale. Here’s how to do it.

For more details, including honorarium, please contact . Please tell me what else we can discuss to make this a successful visit that gets students appreciating the value of nonfiction, checking out vast quantities of books from the library, writing and polishing their own work, and making all kinds of new connections.


For a fabulous guide to hosting an author visit, see Author Day Adventures by Dr. Helen Foster James, Scarecrow Press, 2002.

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