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On the 2009 Amelia Bloomer List of Recommended Feminist Literature

How and why I wrote this book, an interview

An exciting and inspiring book that I hope to see popping up in libraries and classrooms everywhere so that all of our young people come to know and understand the tenacity of this brilliant, barrier-breaking, American hero.
–Richie Partington, Richie’s Picks: Great Books for Children and Young Adults

Krull’s text has a lofty tone befitting the book’s subtitle….Bolstering the text is an effective five-page author’s note that divides the book by spreads and provides supplemental information. With inspiring messages sweeping across the pages (“Take the lead role in your own life”), this book champions both Clinton and hard work.

This admiring picture book biography views Hillary Rodham Clinton through one specific lens: her whole life is about breaking gender barriers in pursuit of sky-high goals.
–Publishers Weekly

Gives readers a real feel for who Hillary Clinton is, what inspired her, and how she came so far.
–Children’s Literature

Ms. Bates’ illustrations are a perfect companion for the succinct text, and together they make their point without preaching. This is as much a book about the change in the opportunities available to women as it is a look at Clinton’s life.
–Kiss the Book

Delightfully intriguing.
–Tennessee Guerilla Women

Featured in Newsweek
Hillary Clinton as Feminist Children’s Book Hero, The New Republic

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