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DeVinci Albert Einstein Darwin Newton Freud Marie Curie
Giants of Science

The Beatles Were Fab (and They Were Funny)

HuffPo Summer Reading List

"This isn't just a book for children.The Beatles Were Fab is a work of art that is as casually transcendent as the band that inspired it." --Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“This picture-book introduction to the Beatles is a loving tribute to the music they made and the quick wits they revealed whenever they spoke.” --Washington Post

“A witty chronicle of the Beatles’s rise to fame, with special attention to their humor and nonchalance….Readers will certainly want to hear the songs that “‘changed music forever.’” --Publishers Weekly

"Youngsters wondering why the band is still beloved by their parents and grandparents will understand after reading the many humorous anecdotes." —Horn Book

“This big, bright, bold picture book introduces the Beatles and describes their fan culture….This title could well develop cross-generational sharing or new fans for the Beatles and their music.” --School Library Journal

“A book or two (or thousand) has been published on the Beatles, but here’s a fresh angle: a picture book focusing on the Fab Four’s humor.” --Booklist

“Krull, with her well-trained eye for the foibles of the famous, effectively captures the lads’ charm and the insanity that accompanied their most manic performing years….Grandparents and near-retirement educators will join kids in giggling over Krull's playful jibes at the starstruck fans and may have a few stories of their own about the Fab Four.” —Bulletin

“The authors adopt a breezy, lighthearted tone throughout this spirited romp through Beatlemania. They employ a bevy of jokes, quips and quotes to show how the Fab Four relied on humor to help them cope with life’s highs and lows.” --New York Journal of Books


California Library Association interview

Horn Book interview

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast


Abby the Librarian

Kid Lit Frenzy

Waking Brain Cells

Mr. Tierney’s Library

Kidsbiographer interview

Sal’s Fiction Addiction

The Styling Librarian

Louisa May's Battle

“A fascinating look at an important chapter in the author’s life.” --New York Times

“Offers a new slant on the Civil War and on Alcott’s life.” --Booklist

"An insightful glimpse into a key period in Alcott’s life and women in nursing." --Kirkus

“This portrait is brief but compelling, and it may inspire readers to seek out more information about a groundbreaking author.” --School Library Journal

Tough Cookies Who Changed the Course of History

How the artist Carlyn Beccia chose her palette


“Shares an accurate and fleshed-out version of Louisa while highlighting an important universal theme: that stepping outside the comfort zone and working for the greater good can lead to accomplishments never before imagined. This book is beautifully designed, well-presented, and will engage young readers in a wonderful story about a woman who dared to be brave despite the hardship.” --Louisa May Alcott Is My Passion

Kidlit Celebrates Women’s History Month

A Teaching Life

Ms. Yingling Reads

Kid Lit Frenzy

Amelia Bloomer Project


Kubla KhanKubla Khan

Winner of the Morning Calm Medal from Korea

Junior Library Guild selection

“While noting that some of Khan's ways were clearly over the top, Krull presents him as a particular bridge between East and West, leaving readers with a much more developed sense of what inspired Europeans to look for new routes to Asia.”
                                      --Chicago Tribune

“It’s a tricky task to re-create the life of the famed Mongolian ruler, as reliable information on the man is scanty, but Krull assembles a convincingly grand impression of Kubla Khan and his vast accomplishments….a solid choice for reports that is also scintillating enough for pleasure reading.”

“Little has been written for young readers about Kubla Khan, and this is a worthy addition for all collections.”
                                      --School Library Journal

“The grandson of Genghis Khan, Kubla Khan united the Mongols and built the largest empire of his time. Under his rule, Beijing became a magnificent capital and the arts and sciences flourished. With just enough text to create a comprehensive yet fast-moving story, Krull depicts the life of this military emperor with a notable level of detail.”
                             --Publishers Weekly

Artist Bob Byrd animates the book.


Common Core Lesson Plans based on this book:

Religion and War: Driving Change in Asian Empires

Kubla Khan: The Emperor of Everything

“A remarkably believable record of a man who may be the least known, most mysterious of history’s great leaders.”
                   --BookDragon at the Smithsonian

Kiss the Book

FarnsworthThe Boy Who Invented TV

Recommended Books for 2010 - Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction in Children’s Literature
2013 Master List for the Pennsylvania

Young Reader’s Choice Awards

NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book for 2010

Junior Library Guild selection

Best Biography Duo 2010, The Children’s Literature Council of Southern California

Eureka! Silver Honor Book, 2010 (California Reading Association’s Nonfiction Children’s Book Award)

On the Master List for the 2012 William Allen White Children's Book Awards

Teachers Guide from Random House

"Beautiful and beautifully told, the book tracks like the sort of graphic novel that breaks your heart, with its implied passage of time and slipping away of early dreams."
                             --The New York Times Book Review

"One to inspire young audiences with the vast possibilities that imagination and diligence can accomplish."
                                      -- School Library Journal, starred review

“An attention-holding narrative.”

Kathleen Krull is a teacher favorite: At conferences and workshops her name is always mentioned when discussing quality non-fiction, especially biographies. She is able to weave a narrative that is fact-filled, fun to read, and fascinating. Her latest title, which examines the life of Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of television, is no exception.

                                      --Education Oasis

“A good book for children interested in science, technology or invention.”
                                      --Parents' Choice


Sal’s Fiction Addiction

Robins Air Force Base Library

James Patterson’s Read Kiddo Read

Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children

common sense media


Journey Into Unschooling 

The Kids' Wings Study Guide

Lincol n Tells a JokeLincoln Tells a Joke

Smithsonian’s 2010 Notable Books for Children

“Children will be drawn in by the straightforward prose, and librarians will enjoy sharing the book aloud. Innerst’s colorful and unconventional acrylic illustrations cover the entire page and are the perfect complement to both the text and the subject matter, making this a standout biography. Pair it with Deborah Chandra and Madeleine Comora’s George Washington’s Teeth (Farrar, 2003) for a unique look at two of our most famous leaders."
                             --School Library Journal, starred review

"Readers will smile, too, at this lighthearted look at Lincoln and the many droll quotations attributed to him."
                             --Publishers Weekly, starred review 

"Laughter is not only good medicine. It can also be a political tool, human motivator, and saving grace, as the authors show in this upbeat overview of Lincoln's life."

"A quirkily specific biography, but, as with Deborah Chandra and Madeleine Comora’s wonderful George Washington’s Teeth, illustrated by Brock Cole (2003), it reveals the human side of an American icon in an unusual, lively and thought-provoking way."

Watch artist Stacy Innerst talk about "Lincoln Tells A Joke"


Book Reviews by Mrs. LaCaze

Keith Schoch shows how to use this book to teach persuasive writing in Teach with Picture Books


A Teaching Life

Abby the Librarian

Literature Reviews for Children & Young Adults

Young Readers

Kennedy BrothersThe Brothers Kennedy

IRA Teachers Choices 2011

“Focusing on John, Robert, and Edward, the book describes the Kennedys’ early family life and highlights a pivotal event for each featured sibling….the back matter includes supplemental notes related to specific spreads and will widen the curricular appeal of this collective biography.”

“A good introduction to this important American political dynasty.”
                             --School Library Journal


“Even young readers unfamiliar with the Kennedys will enjoy Krull’s telling of America’s most famous political family. With real quotes, a timeline and historical notes built into the book, they will gain an ample history lesson, in addition to hearing a good story. Perhaps most important of all, they will be inspired to serve others.”


True Tales & a Cherry on Top

Teacher’s Guide

Jim HensonJim Henson

Boston Globe’s Best Books of the Year

Nominated for Children's Choice Award for the State of Mississippi, 2013

A Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year

Parents’ Choice Awards Seal

Nominated for the 2011 Cybil Awards

“The story comes alive with Henson’s interest in puppetry, which blossomed when he was 16 and responded to a help-wanted ad for a young person to work marionettes on a Saturday morning show. Thus did Henson land his first job in television.”
                                      --The New York Times

“Inspiring and timely.”
                             --Publishers Weekly

“A fine introduction to one of the most creative artists of the last century.”
                             --School Library Journal

“Krull knows her audience and strikes the right balance in this picture book biography, offering just enough cool facts about Henson himself and then getting on to his real claim to fame in kids’ eyes—Sesame Street.”
                                            --Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books


Unleashing Readers makes CCSS connections

Youth Services Books Review

The Librarianista

Through the Looking Glass

“I especially like how so much of the focus of this wonderful book is on the creative pursuits -- in which any child can engage -- that led to Henson's success.”
                   Richie’s Picks, with fun Henson links -

The Nonfiction Detectives

Random Acts of Reading

True Tales & a Cherry on Top

Delightful video - with Henson showing you how to make puppets out of almost anything


“Filled with anecdotes and quotes, the text is concise and engaging, working well as a read-aloud or for independent reading…. Less wordy and more attractive than Judith St. George and Britt Spencer's Make Your Mark, Franklin Roosevelt (Philomel. 2007), this offering also covers more of the subject's life.”
                                      --School Library Journal

“Chatty, just-short-of snarky narration….Substantive and accessible, this will be a particularly rewarding title for readers who might struggle with longer biographical works.”
                                      --Bulletin for the Center of Children’s Books

“Krull has a knack for ferreting out interesting anecdotes that humanize the facts…. Well done.”

Blog Review
The Fourth Musketeer

The Road to OzThe Road to Oz: Twists, Turns, Bumps, and Triumphs in the Life of L. Frank Baum, illustrated by Kevin Hawkes

“With customary vivacity and a fine sense of  irony, Krull portrays her subject as a genial family man who suffered reverse after reverse….An admirable companion to Krull’s Boy on Fairfield Street: How Ted Geisel Grew Up To Become Dr. Seuss (2004), this profile not only provides a similarly illuminating peek beneath the authorial curtain, but leaves readers understanding just how groundbreaking The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was, as an adventure story with both a female protagonist and no overwhelming Moral Lesson.”
-Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“The first picture-book biography of L. Frank Baum….In all, an entertaining look at how a peripatetic man in a rapidly changing society produced a lasting fantasy tale.”
                                    --Horn Book

“Particularly welcome…it display’s Krull’s usual stylistic strengths: a conversational tone, well-integrated facts, vivid anecdotes, and sly asides that encourage children to find the human qualities in a historical figure.”

The Great FartisteFartiste: An Explosively Funny, Mostly True Story

In its 3rd printing!

“A really good bums, poops and pees book is one the child gets enjoyment from but [also] the words and the pictures are also very cleverly done, so that the parent also gets enjoyment out of it too.” --National Post

Customer reviews

NYPL 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing

“Title Most Likely to Make Middle-Grade Boys Guffaw and Parents Groan”
                        --Publishers Weekly (tie)

Starred reviews from School Library Journal and Publishers Weekly

"Krull and husband Brewer must have known they'd struck picture-book-biography gold when they discovered Joseph Pujol." --Horn Book

IRA’s ReadWriteThink interview featuring Fartiste 


Pocahontas: Princess of the New WorldPocahontas: Princess of the New World, Illustrated by David Diaz

Celebrating the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown

“Undeniably gorgeous.”

“An inviting introduction for young children.” 
                                    --School Library Journal

“Radiant illustrations and an attention-grabbing narrative… provide an accessible portrait of the Native American girl who helped maintain a fragile peace between her tribe and English colonists.”
                                    --Publishers Weekly

Houdini coverHoudini: The World's Greatest Mystery Man And Escape King, illustrated by Eric Velasquez (Walker)

“A fine introduction to a fascinating, enigmatic figure.” --Publishers Weekly

“A tempting set of print and digital resources caps this perceptive and dramatic tribute.” --Kirkus

“Krull's expository narrative periodically pauses to revisit the old-fashioned theater depicted in the splashy title-page sequence. These clever interludes feature vivid, free-verse poems that cast children as audience members at Houdini's most fabled performances.” --Booklist

“An attractive, oversize picture-book biography. Framed descriptions of some of Houdini's most famous stunts are interspersed within the overview of his life. The author's crisp narrative style and careful choice of detail are evident here.” --School Library Journal

“The author of this fascinating picture book biography not only includes an account of Houdini’s life but she has also inserted descriptions of some of his most notorious tricks. These accounts written in the first person in a non-rhyming poetry form are powerful and give the reader a real sense of how dangerous and exciting the performances must have been.” --Through the Looking Glass

Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People, Selector's Choice

A WOMAN FOR PRESIDENT - illustrated by Jane Dyer
Download a teacher's guide to the elections

”Brings a fascinating character from history to's about time that this remarkable woman's life is made available to young readers."
—Cokie Roberts, The New York Times Book Review

"Krull and Dyer combine their considerable talents in this oversize biography about the amazing life of Woodhull, the first woman to run for the presidency….Woodhull is a fascinating figure, and Krull's lively and astute writing does her justice."
—Booklist (starred review)

“Despite her impressive number of achievements-first woman to sit on the Stock Exchange, first woman to own a newspaper or speak before Congress, first woman to run for the presidency of the United States-Woodhull is little known by elementary-grade students. This book …rectifies that omission.”
—School Library Journal

"Krull, as always, gets it all and makes us want to know more."
---Kirkus Reviews

"Krull's economical prose and Jane Dyer's dignified watercolors do a good
job of capturing the spirit of a woman who ran for the presidency in 1872
and yet today is nearly forgotten."
--Horn Book

Listen to a webcast of the author speaking about the book at the National Book Festival, Washington, D.C.

Boy on Fairfield Street

Kirkus Reviews
"Once upon a time, there lived a boy who feasted on books and was wild about animals." So begins this young biography of Dr. Seuss. Taunted at school because he was German, his escapes were drawing, the comics he loved, and the zoo, where his father was the parks superintendent in Springfield, Mass. His high-school art teacher warned him he'd never be successful at art; in Dartmouth he was voted "Class Artist and Class Wit," and he left Oxford to draw and write verse. Truly only about his youth, the narrative ends at age 22, when Seuss goes to New York City to launch his career. Four following pages provide a synopsis of his life and a timeline up to his death in 1991. Bordered, full-page oil-on-gessoed-paper illustrations evoke pertinent scenes, while spot art of Seuss drawings dot the opposite pages. Some of these original images are absolutely haunting; the magic of his name will make this a huge hit, but it's the lively writing that puts the hat on the cat.

Featured book in Las Vegas’s Each One Read One program, 2013

Read Across America 2013 Activities

Complete Lesson Plans

Gathering Books

On the master lists for the Texas Bluebonnet Award, Utah Beehive Award,
New York State Reading Association’s Charlotte Award, North Carolina Children’s Book Award, New Jersey Garden State Book Award,  New Mexico Land of Enchantment Book Award

Featured, with an author interview, in the “Special Features” on the 50th anniversary DVD edition of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

“A well-nigh perfect picture book.”
--Michael Cart, Booklist

Throw a Forest Park Zoo Party
Look for additional activities on pages 85-88 of the CHILDREN’S BOOK CORNER: A Read-Aloud Resource with Tips, Techniques, and Plans for Teachers, Librarians and Parents, by Judy Bradbury.

Harvesting Hope

Harvesting Hope: The Story of Cesar Chavez#58 on USA Today’s 100 Greatest Books for Kids

Complete Information for Teachers at Yuyi’s Web site

Awards and honors:
ALA Pura Belpre Honor Book
ALA Notable Children's Book
2003 Picture Book Award, Jane Addams Peace Association
Winner of 2004 Christopher Award
Honor Book, 2003 Americas Award
Elizabeth Burr Award, Wisconsin
Notable Children's Books in the English Language Arts, Children’s Literature Assembly
Southern California Children’s Booksellers Award
School Library Journal’s “Best Children’s Books of 2003”
Book Links Magazine, "Lasting Connections of 2003"
The Carter G. Woodson Honor Book Award, National Council for the Social Studies
On the master lists for the Texas Bluebonnet Award
Kansas’s William Allen White Children’s Book Awards
Maryland’s Black-Eyed Susan Book Award
Maine’s Student Book Awards
Rhode Island Children’s Book Awards
National Endowment for the Humanities book trailer

Available in Spanish (hardcover and paperback)
Cosechando esperanza: La historia de César Chávez


Wilma UnlimitedWilma Unlimited: How Wilma Rudolph Became the World's Fastest Woman
A picture book published by Harcourt, 1996
illustrated by David Diaz
Awards and Reviews     

I got interested in Wilma Rudolph after seeing articles about her death in 1994.  Several factors made me want to bring her story to young readers.  Hers was simply one of the most dramatic lives I�d ever heard of--noble, hopeful, life-affirming.  Any one of Rudolph�s disadvantages would have thwarted most of us--the polio and other illnesses, the extreme poverty, the totally stifling level of racial discrimination, the setbacks.  What made her not just a survivor but an American heroine?
 I have two stepdaughters around Rudolph�s age when she really took off--the age when girls are now thought to be most in danger of succumbing to fear and losing previous self-esteem.  Rudolph seemed a role model for how to emerge from this stage more powerful, not less, and I was interested in exploring why. --Kathleen Krull

Blogs about Wilma Unlimited & the Olympics

I Can Teach My Child

Stellar Students

Unpacking the Power of Picture Books

We Know Books

The Reading Connection

Books of Wonder and Wisdom

Words Not Taken

Hillary Rodham ClintonHillary Rodham Clinton: Dreams Taking Flight, Illustrated by Amy June Bates

“HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON: DREAMS TAKING FLIGHT is an exciting and inspiring book that I hope to see popping up in libraries and classrooms everywhere so that all of our young people come to know and understand the tenacity of this brilliant, barrier-breaking, American hero.”
--Richie Partington, Richie's Picks: Great Books for Children and Young Adults
Featured in Newsweek

Teachers Guide

From the author: Women's history is one of my passions. This book follows directly from one of my earlier books-- A Woman for President: The Story of Victoria Woodhull (2004). Woodhull was the first woman to run for president, Clinton the one who has gotten the farthest, with 28 other strong women in between. May I live long enough to see a woman in the White House, and perhaps write books on some of those other women.

For more about how and why I wrote this book.

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